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What to Expect When You Visit

When you arrive for your first visit at Tri-Ad Chiropractic, you’ll be greeted by the friendly face of our Office Manager, Michelle Onofrio.

What should you do to prepare for your first appointment?

  • Bring your health insurance card and driver’s license
  • Bring X-Ray or MRI if you have one
  • Set aside 45 minutes for the appointment

Your First Appointment

When you arrive, Michelle will have you complete your registration paperwork.

  • You will see Dr. Scott for a consultation
  • Examination and discussion of your health will take place
  • Finishing up with a customized Chiropractic Adjustment

If you’re in pain on your first visit, we’ll adjust you then. Otherwise, Dr. Scott likes to take time to review the results of your examination and look carefully at your X-rays. In that case, he’ll schedule you for a follow-up appointment where you can thoroughly discuss his findings, and you’ll be adjusted on that second visit.

Your Second Visit

The second time you see Dr. Scott, he will have designed a customized corrective care plan which specifically addresses your health concerns. “Our goal is to provide each patient a road map that gives them the opportunity to return to their OPTIMAL HEALTH!” says Dr. Scott

Welcome to Ongoing Guidance

Once you’ve moved past corrective care, we’ll provide you with nutritional guidance that will support your spinal health and immune system. At every visit you’ will be given homework!

Patients always hear: “I can turn the circuit breaker on, but it’s YOUR JOB to keep it on!” We realize that you are away from Tri-Ad Chiropractic more than you are here, so it’s important that you do your part throughout the week.

Your homework will be given as exercises to maximize what we’re doing here. We take the time to teach these in a manner you can understand and remember, and we always customize each person’s homework to address their specific needs and capabilities.

Techniques Used

Dr. Scott adjusts using the following techniques, which you can read about in more depth here:

Give us a call at (804) 270-3000 if you’d like to learn more.