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Foundation Training


live-virtual-classes-2020Say goodbye to chronic pain…Reclaim your movement…Move towards optimal health!

Live virtual classes combining FOUNDATION TRAINING – a cutting-edge corrective exercise modality created by Dr. Eric Goodman – along w/specialized mobility and strength exercises that target the core and posterior chain, bringing alignment back into the body.

These exercises help correct dysfunctional movement patterns and muscular imbalances. Most of our pain we have is a direct result of daily poor movement patterns that we do unconsciously. Align w/ Angela will provide the tools you need to address and prevent chronic pain allowing you to move well…feel well & live well!

6 Week Class Series

Classes taught via zoom webinar format – (All patient info is kept confidential and patient screens are not visible to class)

  • Starting August 12th
  • Every Wednesday @ 9:15am(30 – 35 mins)
  • Series $49.99.

Limited class size – Register in advance here:

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Private One on One Virtual Classes

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