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About Us

Convenience and Changed Lives

In what you might know as the “west end of Richmond”, you can find Tri-Ad Chiropractic nestled into the bustling area that we know and love for its convenience and great location. This is where community is found, and that’s why we have made our home here.

Tri-Ad Chiropractic logo

Welcome to Tri-Ad Chiropractic!

Our practice name – Tri-Ad Chiropractic – is based on the idea that chiropractic brings change. The “Tri” in our name and seen in our logo as a triangle, comes from the Greek symbol Delta which means CHANGE. And the “ad” in our name comes from the word ADJUSTMENT.

We hope you’ll come to understand just how much it can change your health and your life to be regularly adjusted.

Caring For Our Community

Our goal is to help each person – in their body, mind, and spirit – to function at their most optimum level. If you’re already a good athlete, we’ll make you better. If you aren’t, we’ll help you be your best. “My job is to make you better when you leave than when you came in!” says Dr. Scott.

We care for everyone – from newborns to the elderly. And while we’d like to see our patients all embrace a wellness mindset, we understand that most patients come through the door seeking help for pain or some issue they haven’t been able to solve elsewhere. “We’re empathetic and meet you where you are,” says Dr. Scott.

What Sets Us Apart?

Tri-Ad Chiropractic and Dr. Scott’s reputation as a chiropractor are built on excellent customer service, a focus on convenience, and punctuality. “We make sure we’re not wasting your time,” says Dr. Scott. Don’t expect to have to wait for long periods of time in our reception area – we simply don’t believe that’s the way to run an office.

Dr. Scott also believes that personal relationships are key. Patients say they tend to feel:

  • A real connection and warmth
  • As comfortable as they do at home
  • That they want to come back

“I have a great knack for near-perfect memory,” Dr. Scott says. “Even if a year or more has passed since I’ve seen a patient, I remember them and can recall details about their family and the things we’ve talked about. I think this is important to people.” We are welcoming, and focused on relationship.

Still have questions? Call (804) 270-3000 to learn more about chiropractic, or to schedule your first visit.